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hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. with the nationals season coming to an abrupt halt in the bottom of the ninth last night, we turn to tomorrow's redskins game for the top story tonight. rg3 from all indications is going to start the game against the vikings despite the mild concussion he suffered last week. tonight some are criticizing
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the move. kristen berset is here with the story. >> reporter: first it's a case of should he or shouldn't he? rg3 worked out all week and says he feels fine. despite that, some don't think he should play tomorrow against the vikings. usa today's sports come columnist wrote about this and why he should stay on the sidelines. >> there's so much we don't know about concussions. he says he's fine. the tests apparently show he's fine. he is going to run outside the pocket at some point in the vikings game. i think the entire redskin nation will cringe. and what worries you is this is his second concussion. he had one in college and now, this, second in a year. these things add up. and i just think for the good of this franchise, for the good of this man, for his head, for everything that we know and don't know about concussions, he should not play. >> reporter: now, bruce,
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kristin was talking about she equated this also to stephen strasburg with the nationals. that was the arm they were dealing with, not the head, not the brain, but they shut him down as a precaution for the future. her argument is, protect this guy. he is the future of your franchise. better to keep him on the sideline, give him at least another week. >> right. and while we love everything she said here, how do we know a week would make a difference? why not two weeks, three weeks? >> right. he's got to pass all these tests from the nfl. if he passes the tests, the nfl says he's clear, it's up to mike shanahan and rg3. i think it's a matter of better safe an sorry. the fans want to see him out there at home. but it's going to be that constant should he, first time he gets hit, everybody's going to cringe. hopefully nothing else extremely bad will happen to him. >> ping we can all agree rg3 needs to get down-and-out of
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bounds. >> hopefully he learned from this, he learned how to get out of bounds, how to protect himself a little better. he's a mobile quarterback. he's going to get hit no matter what, but all signs pointing to him starting tonight. >> talk to you later. >> we'll be back. bringing a child into the world should be the most enjoyable moment in any family's life. it can also be the most terrifying for some parents whose newborn about must battle to stay alive. surae chinn reports on a group of doctors who battle to save babies. >> reporter: susan johnson knows how life can be fleeting. little madeline's body was deprived of oxygen, her life slipping away. >> she was life-flighted here to children's. >> reporter: with a knew cooling therapy program at the time. >> i had never heard of anything like that, so it seemed a little crazy and unknown. >> reporter: they were able to reduce her body temperature, avoid further swelling and
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brain damage. >> sort of like putting your ice on your ankle when you sprain it. it's trying to minimize the swelling in the brain, reducing the metabolic rate so it doesn't have to work as hard and it also has antiseizure properties. >> reporter: it's a critical procedure in the first six hours of life and for the next two weeks, madeline would be hooked up to monitors, tubes and around the clock care. five years later, madeline is a bright, beautiful little girl. >> we feel very, very grateful. >> reporter: doctors may not know why babies are born with brain injuries or complications at birth with low blood and oxygen levels but they know how they can give babies a better chance at survival. the doctor that's the neuro nay tall critical care doctor at the hospital and they've saved more than 200 children and some returned to the hospital today to be reunited with the doctor who saved them at a cool kids reunion. >> even for those who have
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disability like madeline, they have the best disposition ever. it's a joy to see them come in, because despite their disabilities, they're wanting to move forward and do all the things other kids want to do. it's looking beyond those disabilities. >> reporter: at children's national medical center in northwest, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> dr. ching says there are roughly one out of eight babies born with complications from low oxygen in the u.s. each year. another confirmed case of meningitis in our area. maryland reported its 15th case. nationwide the toll stands at 197 reported cases. 15 people have died in some 13 states. maryland has one of those deaths. health officials say the outbreak stems from tainted steroid medication injected into patients for treatment of back pain. 31 cases were linked to a national tennessee clinic and that's where 70-year-old carol whitten was a patient.
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>> i was miserable. it wasn't my back and my leg. it was just sharp pains. my head was just hurt. >> the medication made by a pharmacy in massachusetts has since been recalled. with three weeks left until election day and the next presidential debate scheduled for tuesday, the candidates continue to chip away in battleground states. president obama is in virginia while mitt romney is courting votes in ohio. ken molestina reports on the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the romney ticket hit the groundhard in ohio. v.p. candidate paul ryan spent the day chumming it up with supporters at a tailgate. while mitt romney led another rally in what is being described as a must-win state. >> i'm counting on you. let's make it happen. >> reporter: governor romney went before scores of his supporters and criticized president obama saying he
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wasn't cracking down on unfair trade practices by china negatively affecting the american job market. >> i want to make sure when people cheat, when they don't follow the rules in trade, we finally hold them accountable. it's time for us to stand up to china for their cheating. it's got to stop. >> reporter: this weekend the president defended his decision to bail out the auto industry claiming the move helped save jobs in the u.s. >> g.m. is back. ford and chrysler are growing again. together our auto industry created a quarter million new jobs right here in america. >> reporter: president obama will be tucked away in williamsburg this weekend as he fine-tunes his speaking points for a debate on tuesday. as for mitt romney he'll be looking for a repeat of his last debate performance which gave him a boost in ratings pinning the two in a neck and neck race in recent polls. i'm ken molestina, 9 news now. >> historically no republican has ever won the presidential election without winning the state of ohio. two f-16 fighter jets
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intercepted two planes flying in an oa restricted area over williamsburg, virginia, during president obama's visit there. the planes were spotted within 15 minutes of each other. both were escorted out of that restricted area and allowed to continue their flights. an obama campaign office has been hit by a bullet. >> reporter: the happened friday afternoon at the campaign office in downtown denver. people say several people were inside the office at the time. nobody was hurt. tonight, investigators are reviewing video from surveillance cameras to try and determine just who fired that shot. two women are hospitalized tonight after a fire in a northwest washington apartment building. that blaze started after 5:00 this evening in the 2900 block of 14th street. firefighters say the blaze started on the 8th floor. the cause is still under investigation tonight. we're told the two women are being treated for smoke inhalation and other injuries. its name is synonymous with some of the district's troubled
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past. today city leaders unveiled the plan to transform the old st. elizabeth hospital grounds into a mecca of commerce, dining and culture in ward 8. it's one of the city's poorest areas with unemployment above 50% in some neighborhoods. mayor barry says the development is long overdue. >> for so long the d.c. government promised and didn't deliver. but now we've got a mayor who believes in delivering. we've got a council member and a council believes in delivering. but delivering to who? the people. >> to have options that we no longer have, and i do work in ward 8 and there are very few food optionness ward 8, so we're excited about that. looking forward to it. >> the st. elizabeth development is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to ward 8 residents. the plan also includes sustainable features such as reuse of reclaimed wood and harvesting rainwater to use for restrooms. just ahead on 9 news now
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this saturday night, tough night for the groom when his bachelor party sinks. we'll explain. oh, it's awesome. it's so big, too. i can't believe it's going down the street. >> talk about an unusual traffic jam. why the streets of l.a. are a bit crowded this weekend. we got off to an incredibly cold start this morning. take a look at these temperatures. a new record low at dulles, 30 degrees. we only get to 41 at reagan national, but you can see lots of places dipped into the 20s last night as we head into tonight, not as cold. it will be in the 40s by 6:00 a.m. 38 to 48 for your overnight lows. chilly to start, but warm in the afternoon. details coming up in that forecast.
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the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey today after 25 missions in space. the shuttle is on its way to the california science center. the 12-mile journey started at l.a. international airport through the streets of downtown los angeles and to an extended pit stop at ceynaga boulevard where crews removed utility poles and light fixtures to create a wide path. a toyota tundra is pulling it across a normally busy freeway. >> we had three months of
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testing to say we can do that, so we pulled more than what it weighs. it's 292,000 pounds and we were over 300,000 pounds we pulled. >> it's like amazing, because i never seen it before. >> it's incredible. i'm out of words. >> 78 ton, five-story tall shuttle should complete its journey in just a little while when it arrives at the california science center. in san francisco, a bachelor party was cut short when the group's 40 foot boat hit a rock and began taking on water. the coast guard and several smaller boats came to the rescue. all 18 passengers and four crew members were taken to shore safely. the groom said most of his friends didn't mind the mishap. >> i think i was the only one concerned because i don't like boats, but everyone else was loving it. i was loving it once we got off the boat that wasn't sinking. so now i'm cool with it. >> the coast guard is pumping
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water out of the boat before toeing it back to -- towing it back to shore. three los angeles police officers were hurt when their squad car went airborne. it crashed through a fence and ended up on top of a second vehicle in a neighborhood driveway. tonight the officers are listed in fair condition. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that crash. actor and tv host gary collins died. he was 74. the coroner's office in biloxi, mississippi, says the actor who also served as former masters of ceremonies for the miss america pageant died of natural causes. last year he spent a night in jail after allegedly leaving a restaurant without paying the bill, that charge later dismissed. he's survived by his wife, former mills america winner, mary ann mobely. looking for a warmup tomorrow. erica has the details when we come back.
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>> bring the shorts back out, right? >> sure, if 70s constitutes shorts weather in your mind, go ahead. bring them back out, but just for one day. then we'll see a return to temperatures a little below normal. let's take a look outside with the michael and son weather
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cam. it's 52 degrees. the winds are calm. the dew point is in the 30s. we won't see temperatures as cool as last night. those temperatures are just not going to drop into the 30s and even 20s like they did last night. here's a look at our weather headlines. it's chilly tonight, but not as cold as it was, of course. as we head into sunday, a cold front is on the way, but before the cold front arrives, we'll see some mild temperatures. we'll see breezy conditions. but we will see those numbers climbing. and it should be a very pleasant sunday, and then we'll see that rain arrive as we head into monday. here's the temperature look right now. 46 degrees in leesburg and manassas. it's 48 in andrews air force base. we do have a couple 50s still lingering out here in d.c. and also annapolis at 56 degrees at the moment. so these temperatures are still milder than they were at this time yesterday. satellite and radar shows the cold front that's on the way. some severe weather in the southern plains today. i don't think we'll see severe
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weather, but we could see a thunderstorm as this cold front makes its way toward us. as i mentioned before, as it moves this way, we will see a mild push of air in front of that approaching cold front. and then we'll have to deal with the rain as we head into monday. so enjoy the nice weather tomorrow while you can. overnight tonight, it will be clear and not as cold with a low of 38 degrees in suburbs and 48 downtown. sunday morning looks good. mostly sunny but chilly with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. south/southwest winds at 10-20 miles per hour sunday afternoon. a few clouds out there. will be much milder. 65 to 73 for your high temperatures tomorrow. here's a look at the zones. we're going to see highs around 69 degrees in winchester. 67 in hagerstown. 71 in leesburg and manassas. looks good in cumberland, too, with a high of 65 degrees. won't be as chilly in garrett
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county as today. highs in the 60s instead of 40s. 71 in baltimore. 73 in eston. 74 in cambridge for your high temperatures. redskins forecast, mostly sunny, breezy and warmer as the vikings are in town. 6-73 degrees with that south/southwest breeze at 10-20 miles per hour. for the ravens, partly sunny, breezy. it will be much warmer tomorrow than it was today. as the cowboys, those hated cowboys are in town. low 70s for your temperatures at game time. over the next three days, we're going code green here. 73 degrees on both sunday and monday. now, monday we have that rain arriving. maybe even a thunderstorm. but i'm still going code green because i don't think it's going to be a huge deal for your monday forecast. on tuesday, breezy and cooler with a high of 64 degrees. here's a look at that seven-day outlook. we're going to keep things mild on both sunday and monday. monday you won't get much of a chance to envoy it because of the rain showers. tuesday breezy but cooler with
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a high of 64. then wednesday and thursday look good. highs in the low 70s with that sunshine and then we're going to have to watch the approach of another storm system. that will arrive on friday bringing rain and temperatures back into the 60s and early look at next weekend, looks dry. so good news there. >> okay. >> all right. >> we desperately, whole area, need a win tomorrow. >> they need something positive after this weekend. >> what happened to the nats last night. >> not just here but the dmv. they need the ravens to beat the cowboys and the redskins to win. the redskins look to break their home losing streak tomorrow against a tough minnesota squad. but will they have their leader under center? plus, a showdown in charlottesville and a top five upset. a look at how your local college teams fared today. sports is next.
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>> i'm going to guess these two teams are fighting for respect, maryland and virginia. >> pretty much. virginia were 8 and 5 last year, bowl eligible. this year not so much. maryland is just trying to get that respect and trying to build on that two-win season last season. so today's local college action featured that border war and upset and an amazing come back. first though we'll shed to charlottesville where virginia mass beaten maryland four of the last five times. this year virginia struggling and maryland hanging in there. terps and cavaliers in that border war. maryland wasted no time in getting this going. opening kickoff, diggs with another big play on special teams. 100 yards. stunning. the cavalier crowd who had just gotten in their seats, the big
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play at least 50 yards already this season. after anthony nix goes 20 yards. terps up 14-0. in the second half the cavs get it going. threads the needle to scott. 20 yards and they cut the deficit to 7. hills on the keeper, 4-6. maryland wins 27- 20. terps are pumped. dave owens, he has more from charlottesville. >> the latest edition of the border war was a hard fought fight to the finish and on both sides emotion. randy edsel and stefan diggs traded high fives. >> all week we had to get out fast and finish strong. we got off fast. which started lacking a little
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bit, we let up the pedal a little bit. toward the game, end of the game, we did everything we were supposed to. >> keep playing. they keep playing hard and giving everything they have for 60 minutes. when you do that, you give yourself a chance. >> i am not going to quit on this team. i'm going to show this team that, hey, listen, bad things can happen to you, but you don't have to let that thing be the dominant theme. rest of the season. >> maryland returns home where next week they'll face n.c. state and uva host wake right here. in charlottesville, dave owens, 9 sports. >> thank you, dave. an upset alert in big 12. west virginia on the road taking on texas tech. 7 yard touchdown pass to bailey. but it would be all texas tech in this game. the completion to kinnard. 16 yards for the score. six touchdown passes today.
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red raiders upset the mountaineers. virginia tech hosting duke that's been surprisingly good this season. duke jumped out to a big league, 20-0 in the first quarter. the hokies roaring back with unanswered points. 86 yard touchdown run. that is a beauty. hokies win 41-20. to the nfl, dating back to last season, washington redskins have now lost 8 straight games at home. tomorrow they have a chance to stop that skid when they host the minnesota vikings. as we told you earlier in the show, it appears rg3 will start despite suffering a concussion last week. in order to keep rg3 from getting crushed, the skins should make their running game a priority, despite the vikings defense giving up one rushing touchdown all season. alfred morris who put up a season high 115 yard last weekend just wants to help his team any way he can. >> he wants to go out there and perform and do the best job he can do possibly for the team.
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puts the team first. couldn't care about any accolades and things along those lines. he just wants to go out and there and perform at a very lie level and that's what he's doing. fun guy to be around. >> i'll second that. tomorrow the return of adrianpeterson. last year he tore both the acl and mcl in the game against the vikings. peterson worked hard to play again, because that memory pops into his mind when he thinks about playing here again. he is nursing a sore ankle. up the road the baltimore ravens host the boys from dallas. the ravens haven't lost a regular season home game in two years. the cowboys have had two weeks to think about their embarrassing loss to chicago and tony romo's awful performance. >> he twists out of the pocket, spin out of the pocket, throw it do you know field. he made one play against
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seattle, a 60 yard play. when you see him do that, the accuracy he has on the ball. that's kind of the things we talked about, not letting him get out of the pocket and create those big plays down field. >> two great games tomorrow in this area. bruce, i'll be up at the baltimore at the ravens game covering that. we've got the post-game show on channel 9 from 5:00 to 6. so well have ravens and a preview of redskins and everything else in the area as well. >> what did you think of the nats loss, the way they lost? >> it was heartbreaking. they played so hard. the thing that disturbed me the most nats fans after the game kind of turned against their team really quickly. you have to give them. best record there baseball. what an exciting year of baseball in this area it was. it's heartbreaking but it was exciting just to cover that. >> they questioned some of the managers decisions, you know. >> right. >> want to recap for us? sure. you don't get a break for having the best record in
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baseball. >> they will get a banner. >> that's good. all right, yes, that's true. they will get that division banner. 73 degrees tomorrow, a beautiful day, breezy. monday still warm but we will have rain maybe even a thunderstorm on monday. >> erica, we're out of time. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night at 11:00.
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